Smart Reviews

The Smart Reviews system allows for creating reminder tasks in the Peach CRM based on certain key events or triggers. For example, a trigger could be when a borrower starts military service.

At creation time, all case types are supplied with a default smart review configuration that is disabled by default. Smart review tasks can be enabled by setting the smartReviews.enable flag.

Key Dates

For most case types, configuration revolves around 'key dates' and you specify when you want a reminder task to be created relative to these key dates:

GET /case-type/{caseTypeId}

// returns something like...

        "caseType": "militaryDuty",
        // <other fields ...>
        "smartReviews": {
                "enable": true,
                "config": {
                        "keyDates": {
                                "dutyStartDate": 0,
                                "dutyEndDate": 0,

Key dates offsets can be expressed as an integer or array of integers. Whenever (keyDateFieldValue + offset) == today, then a review task will be created. That is:

  • For an offset of 0, create a task on the key date
  • For an offset of -1, create a task the day before the key date
  • For an offset of 1, create a task the day after the key date

and so on. This math is based on calendar days and not business days.

The following is a list of base case types that use key dates and their supported key date fields:

  • bankruptcy

    • courtCaseClosedDate
    • creditorClaimDeadlineDate
    • anticipatedCaseCompletionDate
  • creditBureauDispute

    • responseDueDate
  • debtValidation

    • requestDate
  • deceased

    • deceasedNoticeReceivedDate
  • disputeOfDebt

    • noticeReceivedDate
  • identityTheft

    • reportReceivedDate
  • legalAction

    • legalActionIntiatedDate
    • legalJudgementEffectiveDate
  • militaryDuty

    • dutyStartDate
    • dutyEndDate


collection type cases operate on a different set of rules:

The field objectsPreventingReminderTasks is an array of any combination of the following string values:

  • dni
  • scheduledCall
  • snooze

If present in objectsPreventingReminderTasks, the associated object will cause a task to not be created if it exists; ["dni"] will prevent a new task when the borrower has a DNI, and so on.

The field lastOutboundInteractionThreshold is a positive integer indicating how many calendar days after the last outbound interaction to wait until creating a reminder task. If this field is 3, and the last interaction was sent 3/20, then a reminder will be created on 3/23 (assuming nothing otherwise prevents a task from being created).