This object represents an event. Events are sent from Peach to you. Events can be related to any object in this API.

Event Name Occurs when Related Object
autopay.schedule.created an autopay schedule is set up Autopay
autopay.schedule.cancel an autopay schedule is canceled Autopay
autopay.schedule.changed an autopay schedule is changed Autopay
autopay.payment.rescheduled an autopay payment is rescheduled Autopay
autopay.payment.canceled an autopay payment is canceled Autopay
case.association.added an association is added to a case Case
case.association.removed an association is removed from a case Case
case.donotinteract.created a DoNotInteract object is created Case
case.donotinteract.deleted a DoNotInteract object is deleted Case
case.donotinteract.updated a DoNotInteract object is updated Case
case.created a case is created Case
case.deleted a case is deleted Case
case.updated a case is updated Case
contact.created a contact is created Contact
contact.deleted a contact is deleted Contact
contact.updated a contact is updated Contact
communication.send communication is attempted Interaction
indexrate.created index rate is created Loan Type
indexrate.updated index rate is updated Loan Type
interaction.blocked interaction is blocked for a borrower Interaction
loan.created a loan is created Loan
loan.creditreporting.created a loan is scheduled to start credit reporting Credit Reporting Status
loan.creditreporting.stopped a loan is scheduled to stop credit reporting Credit Reporting Status
loan.current a loan is current or became current Loan
loan.duedate.defer a single loan due date is deferred Loan
loan.interest.capitalized interest capitalization is triggered after a due date Loan
loan.latefee.booked a late fee is applied Loan
loan.modificationfee.booked a modification fee is applied Loan
loan.obligation.statuschanged a change in a loan's obligation status is recorded Loan
loan.overdue a loan is overdue Loan
loan.ownerchanged a loan changes owners Loan
loan.paymentplan.setup a loan payment plan is set up Loan
loan.period.started a loan period has started Loan
loan.promoprogram.created a promo program is created Loan
loan.promoprogram.updated a promo program is updated Loan
loan.rate.created rate is created Loan
loan.rate.updated rate is updated Loan
loan.refunded payments on a loan are refunded Loan
loan.reimbursement.initiated a borrower reimbursement is initiated Loan
loan.reimbursement.processed a borrower reimbursement is processed Loan
loan.schedule.defer a loan schedule is deferred Loan
loan.statuschanged a loan changes status Loan
person.consent.updated a borrower updates their consents Borrower
person.created a borrower is created Borrower
person.monitoring.bankruptcy.started bankruptcy and deceased monitoring begins for a borrower Borrower
person.monitoring.scra.started SCRA monitoring begins for a borrower Borrower
payment.instrument.created a payment instrument is created Payment Instrument
payment.instrument.deactivated a payment instrument is deactivated Payment Instrument
payment.applied a payment has been applied to the ledger waterfall Transaction
payment.confirmed a payment is confirmed by the bank/processor (only applicable to ACH) Transaction
payment.failed a payment fails Transaction
payment.initiated a payment is initiated Transaction
payment.pending a payment is pending Transaction
payment.reversed a payment is reversed Transaction
payment.succeeded a payment is succeeded Transaction
payment.scheduled a payment is scheduled Transaction
payment.rescheduled a payment is rescheduled Transaction
purchase.dispute.created a purchase dispute is created Purchase Dispute
purchase.dispute.updated a purchase dispute is updated Purchase Dispute
servicecredit.applied a service credit is applied to a loan Transaction
statement.created a statement is created Loan

Retrieve events

Securityoauth2 or bearerAuth or apiKeyHeader
query Parameters
integer [ 1 .. 100 ]
Default: 25

The maximum count of results to retrieve.


Return results starting after the provided object identifier.


Return results ending before the provided object identifier.

Array of strings

The data attributes by which to sort the results.


Filter by a Borrower's unique identifier. Can be Peach or lender's external identifier.


Use this to limit results to a specific periodId.


Filter by Loan's unique identifier. Can be Peach or lender's external identifier.


Filter by case's object unique identifier. Can be Peach or lender's external identifier.


Filter by whether events are reversible.


Filter by transaction's unique identifier. Can be Peach or lender's external identifier.

string <date-time>

Get events created at or after the specified time.

string <date-time>

Get events created at or before the specified time.

string <date-time>

Get events effective at or after the specified time.

string <date-time>

Get events effective at or before the specified time.

string <date>

Get events by matching accrual date. To be used for AccrueInterestEvent only.


A comma separated list of event names to return. Event name queries can end with a wildcard * character to specify all events starting with the given string. For example, case.* would give all case-related events.



Response samples
  • "count": 0,
  • "data": [